Psychedelic Inspired Medicines

Mindmed discovers, develops, and deploys psychedelic inspired medicines to improve health, promote wellness and alleviate suffering.

Company News

Unique Treatment Paradigm For Psychedelics

Mindmed is assembling a compelling pipeline of psychedelic inspired medicines for FDA clinical trials. We plan to deploy two types of drugs in the future:

Hallucinogenic Therapies

A dose of generic psychedelics which causes a “trip”

Direct supervision by therapist & doctor

In-clinic treatment only

Non-Hallucinogenic Medicines

Derived from psychedelics, zero to negligible hallucination effect

Doctor prescription

Pharmacy pickup, take-home


Mindmed is establishing a proprietary R&D division focused on psychedelic inspired medicines.

Mindmed will also grow it's pipeline of psychedelic inspired medicines through acquisitions, Joint-Ventures and collaborative development agreements.


At present, 11 million americans are misusing opioids. Mindmed's immediate priority is to address the opioid crisis by developing an apparently non-hallucinogenic congener of the psychedelic ibogaine.

18-MC is a transformational treatment that targets the cause of addiction in the brain. 18-MC previously received $6.8m from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and is currently being prepared for a Phase II FDA clinical trial.