Psychedelic Inspired Medicines

MindMed discovers & develops medicines based on psychedelics

Clinical Trial Pipeline

MindMed is building an IP portfolio and undertaking clinical trials of medicines based on psychedelics.

MindMed will also grow it's pipeline through acquisitions, Joint-Ventures, and collaborative development agreements.

(Derived from Ibogaine)

Preparing Phase II FDA clinical trial
(Opioid Use Disorder)

At present, 11 million americans are misusing opioids. MindMed is developing an anti-addictive molecule based on Ibogaine that treats addiction as a brain disease.

LSD Micro-dosing

Preparing Phase II clinical trial

A growing trend in silicon valley is to take small amounts of LSD with no hallucination effect to increase focus and creativity. MindMed is undertaking clinical trials to prove it actually works.

Advancing psychedelics through rigorous science & clinical trials

MindMed is developing two categories of medicines based on psychedelic substances :

Hallucinogenic Therapies

A dose of generic psychedelics which causes a hallucinogenic experience.

Direct supervision by therapist & doctor

In-clinic treatment only

Non-Hallucinogenic Medicines

Derived from psychedelics, zero to negligible hallucination effect

Doctor prescription

Pharmacy pickup, take-home