Psychedelic Inspired Medicines

We Discover, Develop, and Deploy psychedelic inspired medicines to alleviate suffering and improve health.

Mindmed is creating transformative medicines to address big problems in society



Cluster Headaches


Advancing psychedelic inspired medicines through clinical trials.

Next Gen Psychedelics R&D

A New Class of Medicines

MindMed is pioneering a new way to treat mental health problems. MindMed is working towards both non-hallucinogenic and hallucinogenic solutions:

Non-Hallucinogenic Therapies

Derived from psychedelics, zero to negligible hallucination effect

Doctor prescription

Pharmacy pickup, take-home


Microdose LSD


Experiential Therapies

A dose of generic psychedelics which causes a hallucinogenic experience.

Direct supervision by therapist & doctor

In-clinic treatment only



(J&J Approved in 2019) LSD, MDMA

Clinical Trial Pipeline

We are creating transformative medicines to
address big problems in society.

Non-Hallucinogenic Clinical Trials

18-MC for Opioid Addiction

A synthetic derivative of Ibogaine that is non-hallucinogenic and without the negative cardiac effects associated with Ibogaine.

(Derived from Ibogaine)

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18-MC is a synthetic congener of the naturally-occurring psychedelic compound ibogaine. Ibogaine is a Schedule 1 psychedelic and psychoactive substance that is extracted from the West Africa iboga shrub.

Historically, ibogaine has been used to treat opioid and other forms of substance addiction. While ibogaine is a mild stimulant in small doses, in larger doses it induces a profound psychedelic state.

Inspired by ibogaine’s apparent medicinal properties to treat addiction, MindMed’s scientific co-founder, Stanley Glick, PhD, MD, invented synthetic molecules that are related to ibogaine including 18-MC. 18-MC is designed to be non-hallucinogenic while retaining anti addictive properties.)

We are preparing a Phase 2 pivotal study targeting opioid withdrawal and opioid use disorder.

LSD Microdose

We are preparing the world’s first Phase II trial of microdosing LSD targeting Adult ADHD

LSD Micro-dosing

MindMed plans to add additional microdosing trials of other forms of psychedelics with compelling therapeutic outcomes.

Hallucinogenic Clinical Trials

MindMed is actively acquiring or forming collaborations for new clinical trials of hallucinogenic doses of psychedelics.

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